Notes from the Introduced Fish Section meeting Sept 12 in Anchorage.

Six members were in attendance: Bob Wattendorf, John Cassani, Phil Moy, Duane Chapman, Kevin Irons and

Treasurer’s Report

After a quick welcome and people got their drinks and chips, Kevin revised the treasurers report. We have about $11,000 in total reserves. Kevin recently consolidated the accounts at the Havana National Bank. We opened a 15-month CD with $8,000 leaving $3,000 in checking for expenses over the next year.

 We discussed other possible options for book revenues including a biological synopsis of the mud snail, a best management practices manual for ornamental fish and a HACCP-type manual.


Phil mentioned Beck Cudmore-Vokey agreed to run for president this year. There was some verbal confirmation that Becky would be a good candidate. No other candidates were offered during the meeting.


Phil noted that the membership is holing steady at about 192 members but has been below the required 200 level for voting status on the governing board for the last two years. He mentioned that he brought up the membership problem at the governing board, as did other section presidents. Incoming Society president Chris Kohler suggested recruiting students into the Section could be beneficial for these sections. Those present agreed this would help significantly as would raising our Section profile.

We had a very good discussion of ways to improve the profile of the Section. One option proffered was to add a “tag line” to the name of the section. Bob Wattendorf agreed to assist with development of a tagline.

A second suggestion was to add non-indigenous species, exotic species or exotic organisms to the name of the Section after introduced fish. This would help highlight the other interest of the Section and draw additional members who are no immediately aware of our Section activities. This will require approval by the Section members and modification of the bylaws.

Another suggestion was to develop a brochure that briefly described our foci and interests for distribution at chapter meetings and other related functions. John Cassani will assist with development of the brochure.

Towards increasing student involvement in the Section those present agreed that given our current financial status offering a student travel award and best Introduced Fish Section paper award might generate increased student awareness of the Section.

We briefly discussed convening a meeting at another venue; we’re not restricted to a single meeting per year so could hold a meeting at the International AIS conference, the Midwest conference or other well attended venues.

AFS 2006

Those present agreed that it would be worthwhile to propose a symposium at the next AFS annual meeting in Lake Placid to discuss the pros and cons of commercial harvest and market of invasive organisms. We viewed this as being more of a round table discussion following a few presented papers. Participants would be seated at a table instead of theater or classroom style.


Phil thanked all those present for a very good and productive discussion. The meeting adjourned at about 7:15 for further discussion over chips and drinks.