IFS Student Travel Award Application

Introduced Fish Section American Fisheries Society
Student Travel Grant Application

The Introduced Fish Section (IFS) awards travel funds to support student travel to the American Fisheries Society Annual Meetings. Student receiving funds must be a member of the Introduced Fish Section, give an oral or poster presentation including introduced aquatic species, and attend the IFS Business Meeting. The application will be reviewed by the Selection Committee.

Completed forms plus a brief Curriculum Vitae (max. 3 pages) must be returned by email no later than August 10, 2015. Be concise with your answers. Email completed forms to the Chair of the Selection Committee:

Stanley Cowton

Current college/university:

Current enrollment status: _____ undergraduate _______ masters _______ doctoral

Expected graduation month/year:

Are you currently a member of AFS and the Introduced Fish Section?

Are you presenting a research talk or poster that includes introduced aquatic species at the Portland meeting?

Provide the title of your presentation:

Provide the abstract of your presentation:

Describe past involvement with AFS and IFS (chapter and section memberships, meetings, presentations, volunteer work, offices held, etc.):

Why do you want to attend the Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society? How will attendance advance your academic and career goals?

Student Signature _______________________________________ Date ____________

Signature of Advisor _____________________________________ Date ___________

or Academic Representative